50 Things I’m Thankful For

In the world we live in now, there can be so many things that can distract us from being appreciative of the MANY blessings we have. However it’s so important to take some time out (DAILY) and consider all of the things we take for granted but should be so thankful for. thank-you-1540713-1279x852 Here is my personal list of reasons to be thankful! Many of these things, if not most, are things you can be thankful for as well. For “It is a good thing to give thanks unto the Lord…” Psalm 92:1

1. JESUS JESUS JESUS!  Oh my gosh! I can’t stress this enough. I may be talking about what I’m thankful for in THIS lifetime, but because of Jesus, my eternal life preceding this one is going to beyond FABULOUS and AMAZING! Thank you Lord! I am saved, set free and delivered! Jesus loves me! He gave His life for me and I will daily give my life for Him.

2. God the Father, Jesus the son, and precious Holy Spirit I could just stop my list right here, because in reality…They are truly enough! Abba Father is such a good and perfect Father filled with infinite love and loves us unconditionally. I’m grateful for Him purposing my salvation before the world was ever created. He sent His beloved son, my beautiful big brother Jesus to die and be resurrected for my salvation. (Are you kidding me? Who does that?) And He blessed with the perfect gift, my best friend the Holy Spirit who comforts me, guides me, and opens my heart to have faith and believe all truth.

3. Life  Come on. The fact that I am still living and breathing and able to give thanks is a no brainer. If you’re reading this, than you too should be shouting for joy!

4. Love Being Loved and the ability to love. Can you imagine if such a thing never existed. Yikes! I am thankful that I have not only been loved from birth by my precious mother, but I was loved before the foundations of the world by my Heavenly Father. With that same precious love, I am able to love others I encounter which is truly a complete joy. I live to love and be loved!

5. Good Health I must say, so many people live with different conditions and illnesses and I pray that they be healed. I am simply thankful because I do have great health. I can see and hear, use all my limbs and I’m in my right mind. If you’re health isn’t perfect, keep in mind that it could be worse. So be thankful that you have the chance to be get better. (Stay positive!)

6. Family Aww. One of my favorite reasons to give thanks and praise to God. I have a super handsome man of God that is MY HUSBAND for life and with him we’ve made 2 super handsome twin boys, (Although they look just like me. Lol) Not only is my immediate family amazing, but I have parents that are loving and supportive, and my in-laws are super sweet. I am BLESSED! If you’re family seems dysfunctional, it’s still ok. (No one is always perfect) They are yours and you have the opportunity to be a light and help the family get it together! Love them unconditionally and watch God work miracles!

7. Friends – I have the BEST friends. Being the only child growing up, I tend to cling to people I get along with and naturally just love, and I’m so thankful for those throughout my life time that have loved me back. So here’s a shout out to all of you and some pictures of some. LOVE YOU forever! (In Heaven, I hope our mansions are next to each other! Lol)   

8. I live in America!  #Freedom This is paramount and I KNOW that so many people take this for granted. Yes, our government needs some help and some serious prayer, but the fact is, our country is one that is sought after by majority of the people in the world. We have so many rights and opportunities to do well and succeed in so many areas. But I am mostly grateful for the FREEDOM to WORSHIP our true and living God! So many countries have laws which keeps them from worshiping their God freely. I’m thankful that I do not have hid my faith. That is why  I express it so much! It is truly a blessing that should not be taken likely.

9. Lessons Learned I’m thankful that I can remain humble and be teachable. I try to take everyday lessons and use them to help me grow in all areas of my life. I learn from mistakes and am thankful that I can see what or where I went wrong in order to change it for the future.

10. Technology Seriously. I live in such a technological world which simply makes life SOO much easier and convenient. Just think about ALL the electronics, gadgets and gizmos and how far the human race has come from centuries before. I’m so glad I live in the 21st century.

11. My Iphone YESSS! Jesus! This lovely gadget is like my personal assistant / sidekick friend. Can you say Joy? If you have one, I’m sure you can relate.

12. My Church I’ve been in church most of my life, but there is something about a church that literally makes you feel like you’re home. A place where people truly walk with the heart of God and desire to do His will. At my church, I am challenged, strengthened, encouraged, inspired and best of all loved. My walk and relationship with God has grown so much and my appetite to read His word and know Him more is indescribable. I’m grateful for my Pastors who have built a solid foundation that is bearing much fruit. This is my second home.

13. Chic- Fil -A and Chipotle  You know this is on your list too. (Or at least it should be) burrito bowls and chic fil a sandwiches, waffle fries and milk shakes… Oh my! This is the type of food you crave and yearn for. I believe some food and recipes come directly from Heaven and these are definitely it. I think I’ll have one of each in my back yard when I get to Heaven.

14. My Vehicle Transportation is great for many reasons, but I’m thankful for the comfortable ride I have that takes me to all of my desired destinations safely. The soft black leather, DVD player, and heated seats  are just an added bonuses. Thank you God!

15. Opportunity There is so much opportunity and choices available in my society.  I am able to do anything I want career and business wise. I can further my education, make healthier choices, and build more relationships.

16. Food This fact alone is something we should never take for granted. People are starving in so many different parts of the world, and here I am with a full belly, food in my refrigerator, and money to go get more when I need to or when I’m led to bless others. I’m very grateful.

17. Clean Water and Hot water This  is available in abundance but I have been in places and situations were clean water and/or hot was not even an option.

18. Favor from God Do you know how often I look up and thank God KNOWING that HE was the only one that could have done THAT! My entire life is full of favor.

19. The Beauty of Creation I am extremely grateful for our God’s magnificent creation. I never cease to be amazed at the thousands of varieties of animals, plants and the colors and patterns of them. Looking at pictures of our solar system and galaxy becomes breathtaking. Everyday I can look outside and see God’s beauty.

20. Make-up, Hair, and Nail Polish I’m a bit of a girly girl, and I enjoy trying to be cute. These enhancers just makes life even more fun.

21. Books Reading is simply fundamental. The more I read the more I know, and who doesn’t like to increase their knowledge?

22. Tears I love how when we don’t have the words describe what we feel or want to say, our tears can say it all.

23. Hugs and Kisses I’m a bit of a love bug, and one of my love languages is “physical touch”. It makes me happy to know that we can freely express how we feel towards one another, not just with our words but with our body language and physical touch. Heart connections are made with love and physical expressions.

24. Teachers  People who are willing to teach and train others are truly a blessing. I love the genuine heart of teachers who are committed to teaching our youth.

25. Free Public Schools Education is vital for our children to grow and learn. In the U.S, our children are able to learn all day and for free! There are so many countries were all the schools in the community cost money and many children are not able to get basic education.

26. Doctors, Nurses and Hospitals Although I know my God is a healer, I do know that He can use ANYONE including doctors to heal people. I’m grateful for these people and facilities set up to help others.

27. Armed Forces – We are living in a Chaotic world and I know that having a large group of people protecting you makes living so much safer. These people risk their lives to keep us safe.

28. Electricity Have you ever lived without electricity. Once introduced to it and living with all your life, it becomes a normal way to live but suddenly not having it would be very tough. your life without electricity. That would be very tough indeed. All the comforts in your life would instantly disappear, and it would be like living in the middle ages again. But think about this, there are still many people who live without electricity. There are places in the world, which are so remote that electric lines haven’t reached them yet.

29. Social Media Online Communities where we are able to express ourselves, and live virtually connected to family and friends. What a blessing it is to see pictures and updates on what’s going on with the ones we love.

30. Being an ambassador of God I (and you) have the awesome opportunity to partner with God and advance His Kingdom. The fact that the creator of the universe would want me to assist Him in anything! Wow! The Lord desires that we would be his very hands and feet on this earth. What an honor!

31. Books, Music and Movies I can grow as a person and expand my views in life by reading. I know music actually ministers and speaks to a persons  spirit and I’m thankful that the music I listen to understands me or just entertains me like movies. I can just sit back and still be inspired.

32. Grace A love that can’t truly be explained in our human language. God pours out His grace empowering me to do and be what I can not in my own strength. And when I feel week, unworthy or just unmotivated, I can trust God’s Grace to step in and move in me and provide everything I need inspire of me.

33. Warm Weather Warm Sunshine simply makes me so happy from the inside out.

34. Holidays I love that fact there are special times set apart to celebrate with family and friends. A chance to step away from the Hustle and Bustle of life and actually be able to enjoy it with the the ones I love so much.

35. Vacations Like Holidays, there is nothing like taking time to get away and enjoy life even more without worry of the “To Do” list. Just being able to relax is a great reason to be thankful.

36. Inventors People who were bold enough to take their imagination and make something of it is huge!! Everything we see and use around us is a result of someone’s ingenious invention.

37. Coffee Mugs I’m not the biggest fan of coffee, but I LOVE Hot chocolate and I recently became very fond of cute mugs that I can relate to as I sip away and reflect on life.

38. Clothes Some parts of the world are not afforded the privilege of wearing clothes in general, but I am thankful that I have clothes in abundance and they’re fashionable and even comfortable outfits that I can still look cute in.

39. Sundays What a perfect day to worship our Lord with the body of Christ, then fellowship, eat and nap. God knew what He was doing giving us a day to rest. So thankful for that.

40. Uncontrollable laughter I love those moments where you laugh so much where you’re stomach hurts and youre praying you’ll still be able to breathe

41. Fun  Rich or Poor, you can find a way to have fun in any and every situation. Learning to just enjoy life is simply fun.

42. Divine Protection How often do you consider how the angels watch over you? I don’t always see them, but I KNOW that they are with me, watching over me and my family behind the scenes.

43. Ice Cream Something cold, sweet and delicious. I can sit and indulge my self with some good  ice cream. Thankful for the sweet things in life.

44. Able to bless others I truly believe that we are blessed to be a blessing. I know I live a wonderful life filled  with all sorts of plush, and lavish things, so in knowing that my blessings come from God, I welcome any opportunity were I can bless someone else. Whether it be giving to the homeless, serving on mission trips or serving my church, I live to be like Jesus.

45. Constant communication with Holy Spirit How awesome it is for a spirit to continuously guide you, and direct you in EVERY moment. He knows best and I’m thankful that I’m able to follow His lead.

46. Free Stuff Freely you have received, Freely you should give. I LOVE free ANYTHING good. Who doesn’t?

47. My Imagination, Thoughts, Dreams and Goals Everything you see came from someone’s mind given to them by God. I love the way my imagination works and the creative thoughts I have to manifest my dreams and goals.

48. Convenience Too much of anything is a bad thing, so they say. However, I appreciate how much convenience I have. From driving instead of walking, flying instead of driving or taking a boat, warming up food in a microwave instead of waiting forever in the oven…I love a convenient life.

49. My Home I have a warm, nice roof over my head with my family that I love. I am very grateful.

50.  New friends and You! I love people and I am thankful for you being here, which is a part of my life. Thank you!   *Thanking God for the NOT so common things I  am thankful  for SO many things, but not just the things that I see and that I know, but the things that I cannot see or what I yet do not know or may never know. I thank God for all of it because I know that in Him ALL things are perfect.  It is  His desire that I would always know Him as a good Father. So I thank him for all of the things I do and don’t  have.  I even thank Him for what I  have never seen or will not see which may be best for me. I thank Him for everything that He’s said that I may not have heard or may not hear. I thank the Lord for all that He has shown me that I may not have paid attention to or may not ever see. I thank the Lord for revealing things to me with my other senses, natural and spiritual that I’ve yet discovered. I am thankful that if the ONLY thing I ever had was God, then I KNOW that He is MORE than enough. He is my life source and reason for living and everything else is just an added bonus. In actuality, this list is endless! I could go on and on about what I’m thankful for, but I think this was a good enough start. 🙂 He is just a great God! What are you thankful for? Post your comments below and remember that you should be thankful ALWAYS!   With Love, Latia Ashley

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