Who is Latia Ashley?

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Hi Love! So glad you decided to visit me here. My name is Latia. (La-tee-ahh) Just in case you weren’t sure. 🙂

As you get comfy here on my site with your cup of coffee, hot cocoa, or tea, I want you to open your mind and your heart to get inspired and leave desiring MORE of what is here for you in this life.

As for me. Well, I’m a 31 year old daughter of God. I was born in New York and at a young age I lived in different parts of the world with my military mother. I’m now the loving wife of an amazing husband and mother of identical twin boys. I went to school for Business administration and own a full service Graphic Design company.

My Younger Adult Life: There was a time, as a young adult where I just didn’t know who I was, where I wanted to be or what I wanted to do. Because I was somewhat lost, I made countless amount of mistakes walking around almost aimless. I remember my husband always asking me, “Well what do you want to do?” And in that season, my response was simply, “I don’t know” or “I’m not sure.” In High school, I first thought I wanted to be a pediatrician, because I loved kids but then realized I didn’t really want to be a doctor. So then I thought I wanted to open a daycare, but after I had my own children I realized that it just wasn’t for me. I had no idea what my purpose was and had no clue what I really had a passion for. Until one day I went to a ladies fellowship meeting at a friend from church’s house. She asked me the same questions my husband asked, and my response was again the same. But thank God, towards the end of my meeting, my friend felt led to pray for me with the rest of the 8 ladies. They prayed over me with such, passion and fervency and I remember them praying that God would give me HIS vision for my life, and that the dreams He has for me would become clear and that they would come to past. Needless to say, in that moment there was a lot of snot and tears pouring down from my face. Something happend to me on the inside and my life had never been the same again!

Everything began to change: I started getting soo many different ideas for businesses, inventions, books, movies and ministries. It was amazing! I had then realized that God had a great plan for my life, and as I listened to Him He showed me that what He wants me to do will actually impact the world for His glory!

Now I have a ton of massive dreams and ideas! To be exact, 24 businesses which include some inventions, 8 books with 2 being a series, 7 major motion pictures, and 8 ministries, and the ideas just keep on rolling in! Needless to say I am very committed to serving God and His church. I’m on a mission and I know that if God has put these dreams in me then with His Grace they will come to pass.

More about Me:

Aside from work, I love to Love and I love to play. I am a lady who greatly enjoys people, and quality time with my family and friends. I love cute and sparkly things, (Yes I’m a girly-girl). My iPhone and Apple products are the best. Fab hair, make-up, and cute clothes is a love of mine just because. I really like ice cream, caramel, and sweet things, however I’m working on staying healthy so I limit my sugar intake…sometimes. If you mention travel, I’m so onboard. Cruises, Mission Trips or family vacays; if I can pack up a suitcase and leave the state, I get more than excited! I’m pretty outgoing and spontaneous which is why I believe I’ve been able to enjoy my life as much as I do. I am a supernatural woman knowing that signs, miracles and wonders follow me and I’m a world changer.  You’ll come to realize that I can be pretty open and transparent. I love serving and helping others as I walk in the truth of knowing that we are blessed to be a blessing.

Life to me is full of excitement and adventure. I look at my life as a story book and I’m realizing the more I embrace it, each page and chapter gets more and more interesting. If you stay around, you may enjoy seeing my life’s story and perhaps become a great part of it. I love meeting new people and look forward to finding ways on how I can love on them.

Bottom line, I LOVE to LOVE and I REALLY REALLY Love God! I Love my family, I love my friends, I love people and I Love to have fun. I love to work on my passions and I love to pursue my purpose which consist of helping others accomplish theirs.

I Love so much,I’m thinking about adding Love to my middle name. ‘Latia Ashley Love’ What do you think? LOL

Why am I Blogging?

Well, I’ve always enjoyed writing my thoughts. I’ve always wrote in diaries and journals and I enjoy sharing what is in my heart or mind with others. I have been receiving a lot of inspiration and wisdom from God concerning different things and I believe that now is the time He wants me to share some of them. If God makes a mouth to speak His words, then surely he can use my hands to type His words as well. Now I don’t believe I’m the best, or amazing or even talented writer, but I do believe God has given me enough to write. So I’m just being obedient. (I’m still growing in this area, so if you see any mistakes on this site, don’t shoot me! Ok? Thanks! lol)

Honestly, I know I’ve been called into all of the world, and to not only bring good news and life with Christ, but love and inspiration. If me sharing can influence people all over the world, then why not? I pray that what I share gives at least one person joy, hope, or love.


I look forward to getting to know all of you a lot better in the upcoming weeks and months. I already know that this is the beginning of a beautiful and divine connection!


This site is special, in that it provides one unique place to share my expertise, thoughts, ideas and inspirations. I hope that you will also enjoy the fact that this is not just a site for learning about me, rather, this site is a place to find creative support from other successful people and advice for building the life you were destined for!

I encourage you to sign-up, and begin to experience what LatiaAshley.com has to offer. Feel free to share your questions, comments and thoughts.

So before you leave this website, please be sure to check out the following pages…

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My Personal Businesses & Ministries

Agara Design

A Full Service Graphic Design Company


Latia is the owner of a successful Graphic Design Company in Charles County MD. Agara Design continue to serve the nation providing Advertising and Marketing materials for thousands of Organizations, Churches, Small Businesses and Fortune 500 Companies. From Logos and Websites, to T-shirts and Vehicle Lettering, Agara Design is the one stop shop for all of your branding needs.


s8Agape Phileo

Christian Clothing Line



One of Latia’s ministries, Agape Phileo allows opportunities to share the Gospel in Love with fashion at events, conferences, retreats and congregations across the world. 


Book_03 copyYour New Life as a Christian

A New Believer’s Handbook for Christian Living


 Latia is currently working on the launch of her book named “Your New Life as a Christian”, which is a handbook and guide for New Believers.