We love our Enemies / Isis!

This is probably one of my most serious post and may be the hardest one to actually share, but I need every reader to understand what God has been showing me. The truth is that we, (being me, God, and other people walking in the true love of God) love the members/ individuals of the terrorist group Isis.

We love Isis

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Despite EVERY single act of evil that they have committed, we love Isis, not because of what they are doing, but simply because of who they are.

 God loves the people in the group Isis just like He loved Saul in the Bible.

In today’s society we are constantly hearing of the numerous evil reports displayed in the media. And because it plagues our minds so much, we naturally have a tendency of being upset and angry at what is being done (or not done) and wanting nothing but justice to take place. In the event that many people are doing completely evil things like murdering innocent people, we typically react in our flesh and become emotionally distraught. In our “emotional” state, we forget that our Lord God still loves the very people who are killing the innocent. He loves the cops that illegitimately kill innocent civilians. He loves the rapist and child molesters. He loves the gang members looking to prove their loyalty by committing acts of violence, and God loves EVERY single member of Isis, just like He loved Saul of Tarsus from the bible. Again, of course I’m not saying God loves them because of what they are doing, (we know that God hates sin) but He simply loves the people because they are His children that He created. I have two sons and if either of them decided to ever commit a horrendous crime (God forbid!) I would STILL love Him unconditionally as any loving parent would. For these people, including us, are the very reason why God sent His only son to die on the cross. (John 3:16)

Saul VS. Isis

Do you remember the Story of Saul? In the Bible there was a man who grew up in a family that loved and honored God.  Saul was very educated in the Bible and in the things of God. He eventually became very zealous to do Gods will. Saul came to a point where he was so determined to represent God and thought he was doing God’s will, that he made sure those people who believed in Jesus as the Messiah was either put in prison or killed. Saul not only pursued Christians in their own homes, tortured and killed them, but he did these evil things in the name of “God”. Saul was to early Christians what Isis is as to today’s Christians.

We Love Isis like Saul

We have to remember that the members of Isis are also zealous to do their God’s will. They are passionate about doing what they believe is right, and as crazy and wrong as it seems, it is their belief. Today in our world’s news, we hear of many attacks committed by the Isis terrorists killing and persecuting Christians in the name of their God. In some of the most horrific ways, it has been reported that Isis has beheaded, burned alive, raped, and tortured so many people, even innocent babies, children, and women!

isis-iraq-war-crimes.si_-620x350Image by http://shoebat.com/2015/07/13/islamic-state-isis-in-iraq-releases-snuff-film-showing-slaughter-of-hundreds-of-iraqi-men-and-boys-gunned-down-like-animals-in-ditches/

I’ve heard so many responses to what has been taken place, and many of us begin shouting out of anger, “This is just pure evil! We need justice! Destroy Isis! Bomb them, destroy them by killing them all!” Of course Isis’ actions leave majority of us  completely furious! I have personal dropped to my knees and whaled at some of the images and reports I’ve seen. How can they keep doing this? How can we put an end to these horrific events? What will be the ultimate solution? My heart aches for these people being tortured and even for the ones who may be tortured in the future. I don’t even know what I would do if I knew any of these people, or if they could have been my very own friends and family…but in reality, they are! They are murdering our family in the most brutal ways! That is why it hurts so bad. In preparing and writing this post, I admit, I was so frustrated, upset, and confused. After doing some research and seeing the countless amount of HORRIBLE pictures and footage, I continued to weep and weep. How can God love these people? And now God wants me to tell others to love them too? In my heart, I KNOW that God is teaching us what REAL loves looks like, but loving people like this? How?  It doesn’t make sense. But then I heard,  “This love comes from a place of Grace.” When we naturally, with our own human understanding can’t bring ourselves to do what we know is right, the Grace of God steps in.

man-114437_1280As so many questions flowed through my mind, I remembered Jesus in garden of Gethsemane, right before the jews were about to crucify him. My soul was deeply grieved. Jesus said, “My Father, if it possible, let this cup pass from Me; yet not as I will, but as You will.” (Matthew 26:39) I felt the Lord’s pain in that moment. I understood the sacrifice He was about to make in order that people would know the truth and be set free. I want you to understand how difficult this task was for me initially, but again God’s Grace stepped in! God allowed me to feel his heart and love for the people in Isis. And not just them, but other people committing evil acts all around the world. This moment is when I literally realized, We Love Isis with a love and compassion that can ONLY come from God!

Wars and violence are inevitable in this world because it is in fact a fallen world. As Christians we know that, “These things must take place…” (Luke 21:9) but until the Lord actually comes back, do we just stand around and let this happen and then complain?Yes, of course we must pray, but what are we praying for? And then what? Shouldn’t there be some level of action taking place?

I believe that we will not see an end to many of these evil events until someone who is committing them, has a REAL encounter with God! And we cannot underestimate what that encounter will look or be like.

Now let’s go back to the story of Saul in the Bible. Saul could have very well been considered the “Isis” of his generation. He was determined to persecute as many Christians as he could find while continually “breathing murderous threats against the Lord’s disciples”. (Acts 9:1) Until one day, Saul had a divine encounter with our Lord Jesus Christ Himself. Jesus asked him, “Saul, Saul, why do you persecute me?” (Acts 22:7) The Lord did not approach him with hate and violence, but with peace and love. After this encounter, Saul became blind and it wasn’t until after 3 days that God sent a Christian man named Ananias to miraculously allow Saul to see again.

Throughout his extraordinary ordeal, Saul finally knew that not only was Jesus the resurrected savior, but that Jesus was also full of love and had forgiven him . Did you read that? Saul had been forgiven! Saul was baptized and his sins were forgiven. God began to use Saul mightily and he later was known as Paul. He assisted in the mission of spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ as Lord and reached untold numbers of people for Christ. How ironic. The same guy that was passionate about persecuting every Christian he could find, was handpicked by God and was now on a mission to spread the testimony of Jesus and convert as many people as he could to become Christians.

The Challenge to LOVE your enemies

A.D. The Bible Continues- Season 1

I challenge each of you not to look at our enemies in hate and anger. But to look at them with compassion because they are simply lost. You too were once lost. You may or may not have killed somebody, but God still loved you and more than likely God used somebody to reach out to you and bring you home into His family. The scripture reminds all of us to, “Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you.” (Matthew 5:44) Don’t you remember what Jesus prayed on the cross as he himself was being persecuted? “Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing.” (Luke 23:34) There is simply no love greater than that. To love and pray for the very people who are killing you. Yes, this sounds MUCH easier said than done after witnessing the terror in our world, yet it is still a command from the Lord, and loving people may actually be much simpler than we realize.

The Possibility

Consider this possible reality. A member of Isis or any terrorist could actually be your next door neighbor. Yes, majority of them seem to be overseas, but they’re have been people in the United States who have decided to join the Isis cause, and have reported threats against us in this country. However, given ANY opportunity, their thoughts and decisions CAN be conditioned by the way YOU treat and love them. The Lord told us in Mark 12:31 “Love your neighbor as yourself.” The Lord did not put conditions on this commandment. He did not say, only love the neighbors who are the same race as you, or who only believe the same things you do. True love is unconditional. In this day and age, if you are a follower of Christ, it is VERY important to let your light shine.

So many of us believers have become silent, closet like Christians not fully being effective in the work of the Kingdom. We claim to be followers of Christ but our lives hardly reflect Him at all. We must ask ourselves, ‘Are we truly following Christ? Are we being the living example of who Jesus is? Is our light shining and our we really loving those around us?’

 “In the same way, let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in Heaven.” (Matthew 5:16)  Show and even teach your neighbors or anyone you come in contact with the Love of God. Your acts of kindness, encouraging words, and even sacrifices made for the benefit of another are some ways to allow your light to shine. We must also pray (without ceasing) for the people we encounter because we never know who they really are or even how God may want to use them.


The Lord showed me that He has many secret agents (people like you and me) who have been assigned in this earth to purposely destroy certain works of the devil. Like spies, they are sent out looking for God’s ultimate target, to find them, love them, and bring them back into His glorious light. Could one of these targets be one of the Isis leaders in disguise? Could that person be lingering at your local mall?

Isis in Disguise



Suppose you are shopping at a store and you accidentally bump into a man who then looks at you like you are stupid. He obviously has a bad attitude and just seems to be upset at the world.

Will you:

A.  Apologize and move on

B. Say your apologies, introduce yourself, and start a conversation as the Holy Spirit leads you

C. Curse him out for him being rude with you just because you accidentally bumped in to Him.

If you chose A (which is what most people would do): You may have lost a VERY important opportunity for God to use you.

Now if you chose C: This may give the man more reason to dislike or hate people and add fuel to the evil fire that he possess.

Supposed you chose B: (obviously the best answer): You DECIDE to simply converse with Him and allow the Holy Spirit to speak and minister to Him through you. Who knows! God may even give you a special prophetic word for Him, where He not only is intrigued to know more about your God, but he wants you tell Him why you love Jesus!

This is where conversion can take place! This could be the moment, and the opportunity where God may use you to set this lost man free from the bondage and lies of the enemy.  Imagine, in this moment you are led to win this lost soul to Christ. He breaks down and cries as he repents of all his sins, including his plan of murdering thousands of people in this country in less than 2 weeks. He shares with you his background and why he decided to join the terrorist group, but after speaking with you, he just had a real live encounter with the love of God. He felt, heard and saw God through you!


Now imagine that same guy who was planning to be a serious threat to our nation or even our family of believers, is now on fire for God with the power of Christ bursting through him, wanting to spread the truth and love of Jesus…just like our Biblical Saul did.

Suppose this same man who had also planned to go into a church and shoot or bomb hundreds of people, has been led to start his own Christian church and begins ministering to people converting them to Christianity. And not just any people, but his friends and those that are also apart of Isis.

God is almighty, powerful, and can do all things, and use anyone He pleases however He pleases. I encourage you to NOT limit what the Lord will do and not put His divine encounters in a box.

Now don’t get me wrong. I know that there is definitely demonic spirits at work using the terrorists, however, people with demonic spirits can be healed, set free and delivered! It is possible for any person, no matter how many people they have killed or even plan to kill, to be transformed and come into a new life submitted unto Christ! Do you remember in the Bible the man at the tomb who was demon possessed. He ran up to Jesus and shouted, “What do you want with me, Jesus, Son of the most High God?” (Mark 5:1-20) With power and authority, Jesus drove out the legion of demons from that man! We have the same power living and breathing on the inside of us, but if we don’t take the time out to minister, heal and set free those around us, then we only have ourselves to blame for the things happening in our generation. We are the answer!



ANYONE can change and turn to Jesus!

If Saul could turn to the Lord Jesus and be used by Him, then so can ANY member of Isis or terrorist group. The powerful spirit of Mercy and Love can pierce any man’s heart no matter how evil He is, and no matter what he has done. God desires “that all man should come to know Him and not one would be lost.”  (1 Timothy 2:4) ‘The world’ is looking at us to join them in hate of Isis or any other terrorist, but if we were more like Christ, we would love them and pray for them to have their own divine encounter with the Lord.  Whether it be the Lord himself (which would be amazing) or through us. There may be an opportunity to share with them THE truth and bring them to conversion. It is very important that you remember that we as God’s children carry many spiritual weapons, and one is Love. The greatest weapon of all.

The Lord is telling us in this season to:

1. PRAY!!!!  Fervently and without ceasing intercede for our nation, our leaders, our brothers and sisters in Christ and especially pray for those that are lost. It is so important for us to be sensitive to the Holy Spirit and follow His leading in every moment. For some of us, some serious praying and fasting may need to take place, but we must be led concerning speaking with people.

2. DON’T miss the opportunity!! You should never allow yourself to miss an opportunity that can save hundreds, thousands, or even one soul. Speak and minister to the people around you, and not just because they could be some sort of terrorist in disguise, but they could a person contemplating suicide or growing through some serious struggles. Let God love through you!

3. Use your authority!! God has given us all power and authority, so therefore, we can, and should defeat the power of darkness and the works of the devil. Jesus lives within us. We are heirs of God and joint heirs with Christ, so take advantage and use the same power they have! It has been freely given to us for these very reasons!

4. Be strong and courageous!(Joshua 1) No matter what is going on, or what things may look like, you MUST stand stong and trust in the Lord. Of course the world can look frightening, but greater is HE!

I pray that God will give us strategic plans and download wisdom to us concerning this area, allowing us to take up spiritual arms in whatever way they are to be, especially with love. I also pray that these lost people would have a great divine encounter with the Lord directly or through us His hands, feet and even mouthpiece.

If you open up your heart, you will remember that God IS love and God loves us ALL! He loves every single one of us on this earth. He hates our sins, but He loves us as individuals, His creation, and His children. Jesus died for you, me and every member of Isis, Asama bin laden and every other terrorist.


As some church folk would say, “Let the Lord use you!” Go out into the world and Love on purpose you secret “Mission Impossible” agent of the Lord you! True love conquers all and in this way, Isis (and any other terrorist) CAN be defeated.

Love Your Enemies! Love is what saves people, not Hate!

I would love to hear your own thoughts and views on this topic! Please feel free to leave your comments below and look forward to my upcoming posts! 🙂

(p.s. I would greatly appreciate your prayers!)
Latia Ashley






With Love,

Latia Ashley




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