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Latia is available to speak all over the world. From Keynote speaking to presenting at events, she travels the world, spreading the message that you too can live a life of complete freedom by tapping into the power of God’s Love, Grace and Supernatural Power.

Through Latia’s presentations, she is able to draw upon her personal experiences. Latia’s presentations bring in her personal essential elements that demonstrate her vision, leadership, lifestyle, and entrepreneurial success. She brings her passion to motivate and move her audience to take action in their life and in their business. She believes that everyone can dramatically improve their lives with her thought provoking topics, strategic tips and proven powerful skills.

You can also find Latia on Youtube with various presentations and personal blogs.

DO NOT be afraid. Fear is no longer an option!

Latia’s first priority is to live for God and to live a life that is pleasing to Him, which includes accomplishing tasks they may seem out of reach or unattainable. In this presentation, Latia challenges every listener to conquer the fear that has been holding them back from obtaining their goals and dreams.  With a step by step strategic plan, she gives all her audience just what they need to go further than they have ventured before. This segment is a must see and a complete life changer!
This is a must attend presentation for audiences that are ready to move forward and leave fear behind them, from starting over in new relationships, new businesses or just starting something new. This presentation focuses on overcoming the fear of starting over and how to turn a negative situation into a fresh start.

“Whatever it takes, NOW is the time to PUSH!”

This is an emotionally touching presentation for those that are going through certain struggles and setbacks in their lives, and how to use them to make yourself stronger and push on to success. Latia shares the different stages of “pregnancy” and how important it is to keep a positive outlook and do whatever it takes to “Deliver” your baby which is your divine purpose” You don’t want to miss these important points that will elevate you into the life you were destined to live!

“Change your World with your Words”

Latia presents the various media channels that are out there today from Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and more. Not only does Latia present what is available and the different media channels, but she teaches how to maximize the various media channels from a marketing standpoint. This is a must attend presentation and business owners who are looking to gain more exposure online while growing their bottom line profits.

“Time to be the NEXT LEVEL Business Owner”

“Not ashamed”

“Supernatural Living”




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Speaking Schedule

  • “Your New Life as a Christian”: Book Signing,  April 15, 2017
  • Women About Business Expo  –  June 7, 2017 / 10:00 am, Lanham, MD
  • “Grow up a child in they way they should go.”
  • Supernatural Boot Camp: February 5-6 2018, Washington, DC
  • Billionaire Mind Intensive Forum: April 29, New York, New York
  • Webinar Workshops: October 27-29, Orlando, FL  “Step out to find out”