It is my goal and mission to share what I have learned to anyone who is passionate about changing the world in whatever capacity that looks like. Every one has a purpose and part of my purpose is to assist you in fulfilling yours. Below you will find upcoming training events that I will help facilitate or be involved with. If you are ready to soar and pursue your own passion and purpose than let’s work together!

Upcoming Vision Book & Board Workshop!

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A vision board  is a very powerful tool used to visualize your dreams, purpose, goals, and heart’s desire. Creating your own vision board will help inspire you to take action now.  In this training I will share different effective techniques on how to organize your dreams and goals allowing you to move closer to your destiny.

My next workshop will be held in January 2017.

Please check back in one week for further updates and details!


Business Start-up!


Has God given you an idea or goal to start a business? It is my desire to share with you the essentials of owning and starting your own business. In this training, I will share tools and tips that I have learned over the pass 8 years being in business. From start-up to the next level business owner. Join me for this exciting opportunity to learn and gain a better understanding on what works, and what doesn’t in the world of business.

My next training will be held in March 2017.

Please check back in one week for further updates and details!

One-on-One Coaching

I am available to teach and train on a more personal and individual basis. If you desire one-on-one coaching where I can personally breakdown your thoughts and goals and assist you with a comprehensive plan on how to achieve each one of them, then contact me on my contact page.

Worship & Praise

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I know it is God’s desire that this generation would truly worship Him “In Spirit & In truth”. During this training we will share revelations on how to shut out your own thoughts and ideas and allow the Holy Spirit to help you enter in into the very presence of God. We will share supernatural experiences and revelations and allow you to worship our Lord with true freedom. We are unashamed to worship & praise our God, and neither should you be. Join us as we lift our King!

The  next workshop will be held in May 2017.

NO LIMITS in the Supernatural!

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This is the season! The season where the Lord will pour out the manifestation of His Power and His Glory! I believe it is His will to have His people, His own children, walk and operate in the supernatural as Jesus is and has. He will show us the limitless realities of His Love, Power and Grace if we just believe! In this session, I will discuss and reveal what God is showing His people through the spirit. Be prepared to experience complete freedom and live a life without Limits!!!

The next workshop will be held in September 2017.